• Research and Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Networking and Communications
  • Security
  • Consulting

Current Major Projects/Clients

  • Utiliflex - Provider of prepaid utility solutions worldwide
    (Since November 2007)

  • UtiliWorks - Smart Grid / AMI consulting
    (Since March 2015)


Mike Harrison founded Higher Technology Services (HTS) in 1989, which provided BioMedical and Clinical Engineering services to several regional hospitals. In 1993 Jeff Ritchey bought that division to form Higher Technology Biomedical while the HTS focus changed to providing software and technology services to a wider range of regional companies. On October 2nd 1994, HTS launched Chattanooga Online, the regions first commercial internet provider. HTS also provided a wide range of related services including co-location, and web-centric software development.

Geeklabs was originally the joke name for the HTS research and development team. When Mike Harrison sold HTS and Chattanooga Online in 2003, he kept the GeekLabs name to provide a sense of continuity. GeekLabs exists to support and service customers and projects of Mike Harrison and a few close friends.

Past clients include: Philip Morris, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Seagate, NextKnowledge, ABB, Pratt and Whitney, TVA, First Volunteer Bank, qDebit, Dish Networks, Trinity Communications...